Saturday, February 11, 2006

Freedom from want and fear

Sharing resources and building peace in the world

This site is a contribution to building a world with peace and freedom for all.

I begin first with what I regards as major problems or threats to global peace. I created this list on the basis of what threatens the greatest number of avoidable human deaths.

Global challenges

The following is my list of global problems or threats I consider a priority:

1. The Human food and health question:
How do we help people who live in absolute poverty and/or violent conflict to get access to basic food needs and stop diseases like HIV/AIDs?

2. The peace, security and ideology question:
How do we settle differences in ideology, culture, needs etc. without using direct physical violence?

3. The energy and resource question:
How do we obtain energy for electricity and transport; and materials for goods and services for the ever increasing global population while minimizing pollution and environmental degradation?

4. The global apathy question
How do we encourage people to care about the needs of their neighbour?

What is already happening?

There are a lot of groups around already that do tremendous work in bringing about a more equitable world. Political parties, the media, business, religious bodies, the United Nations, the G8, Oxfam, Amnesty International, Greenpeace, Australian Conservation Foundation, The Wilderness Society, Medicins San Frontieres, Make Poverty History, the Jubilee Debt Campaign are all groups that advocate that they are doing their bit to bring a more equitable world. Some of these groups do a very good job others are part of the problem.

This blog

This blog is but a grain of dust in comparison to the work of these giants listed above, but I hope it is a useful start to identify what problems face us as a global community and what we can do to help.

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